Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Films Can Get Overwhelming or, For Your Consideration

I would like to put on record (and, hopefully, I'm not alone in this) that movies do overwhelm me at times. Everytime I come back to my "100 Favorite Films of All-Time" list, I just get lost in different titles, scenes, lines, opinions, lines, etc. As much of a film buff as I am, I have to convince myself that I won't see every movie there is. In addition, I probably will never finish my Top 100 list, as I come back to it and find it not only hard to narrow down my choices, but also hard to avoid or restrain favoritism. I sometimes compare it with a person or relative, if that makes any sense. One more thing I should note: As much as movies can be influential, they should not be classified as a Gospel or Bible. Spiritual health and living cannot derive or be refueled by the arts and media alone. There has to be a greater source. A more worthwhile source. An honest source. A more pure source.

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